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Top 10 Esoteric Corporations

Posted in Corporations by Mystery, Babalon on August 23, 2010

Forbes 2009 :

And the world’s biggest companies are…

1. Royal Dutch Shell Melek Taus

2. Exxon Mobil

Cross of Lorraine

3. Wal-Mart Stores


or Hagalaz Rune

4. BP

5. Chevron q.jpg

Capricorn represents the Winter Solstice (December 21st or 22nd) where the Sun, going south reaches its lowest point on the ecliptic, the Tropic, or turning, of Capricorn. There the Sun turns and starts to climb up, heading towards the northern hemisphere, and thereafter the Sun begins to appear higher and higher in the sky each day. An analogy can be drawn with this pattern and a goat climbing a mountain, because according to Olcott (p.116) that animal in feeding always ascends the hills, and is naturally a climbing animal. The sun in like manner when it arrives at Capricorn begins to mount the sky, and hence the goat was adopted as a symbol of the apparent climbing motion of the sun, while the fish-tail was significant of the rains and floods of the winter season. The name Capricorn translates “horned goat” and denotes a male goat, or billy-goat, and is associated with two types of goats: the Mountain-Goat and the Sea-Goat.

There are other goats in the constellations; the female goat or nanny-goat, Capra, is represented in the alpha star of the constellation Auriga, i.e. Capella. There are also two kid goats in Auriga; Hoedus 1, and Hoedus 11, these words are from Latin haedus, ‘kid, young goat’, and cognate with the English word goat.

Capra is the term used for the goat genus. Capricorn, the he-goat, and the feminine Capella, the she-goat of Auriga, come from the Latin word caper, ‘goat’. Latin caper comes from the Indo-European root *kapro– ‘He-goat, buck’. Derivatives: cabriolet (a two-wheeled, one-horse carriage, French cabriole, ‘leap of a goat, caper’), cab (car), caper1 (a playful leap or hop), caprine (characteristic of a goat), capriole (a playful leap or jump; a caper), chevre (cheese made from goat’s milk), chevron (denotes rank on a uniform, an inverted V shape pattern, the inverted V peak shape of a roof of a house, or rafter).

The two goats of Yom Kippur might represent the dual nature of Capricorn, the climbing mountain goat and the sea goat. On Yom Kippur, the festival of the Day of Atonement, two goats were chosen and lots were drawn for them. One was sacrificed and the other allowed to escape into the wilderness, symbolically carrying with it the sins of the community. From this comes the word ‘scapegoat‘. When used as a metaphor, a scapegoat is someone selected to bear blame for a calamity. The escaping goat might relate to the theory that Capricorn is the ‘Gate of the Gods’ where one ‘escapes’ this life on earth. According to Chaldaean and Platonist philosophy, Cancer was the ‘Gate of Men’ through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies, or into creation. Its opposite sign Capricorn, represents the ‘Gate of the Gods’ where souls of the departed ascended back to heaven. Kuhn in The Lost Light explains;

“in the sign of Cancer the crab is emerging from the water and in Capricorn the goat (half goat or land animal, half fish or sea animal) is in the water”. was the son of Gaia, and he was a sort of revenge upon the new gods. His head reached and touched the stars, and his arms were as long that they reached around the earth. Hundred of snakes grew out of his upper body, and their screams were like a thousand animals gathered together in one scream. Not only that, he also had a thousand wings. Gaia had made Typhoon the greatest among her Earthly children. He went into war as soon as he was born. Zeus was off course sent forth to battle this huge creature. Zeus gathered the lightning and shoots them towards Typhoon, he was forced to his knees. Typhoon saw his chance to take Zeus’ power, which he supposedly hid (The power was located in the knees, or so one story states). Pan and Hermes are sent out to retrieve Zeus’ power, which they also did, but this turned Typhoon’s anger towards them, and they were forced to flee. They ran down to Egypt where they changed their forms so that Typhoon couldn’t find them, Pan changed his lower body to a Fish tail, and swum away in the Nile. Zeus showed Pan his appreciation by placing him among the heavens as the Capricorn.

6. Total

7. ConocoPhillips and Jupiter.

“David Gordon Green met with Apatow, Rogen and Goldberg on the set of Knocked Up, and later on the set of Superbad to discuss the project.[3] Green cited The Blues Brothers, Midnight Run, Running Scared, the Terrence Malick written The Gravy Train and Stir Crazy as sources of inspiration and influence on directing the film.”

James Franco was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his performance in the film.

“Gypsy Creek’s # 1 cop, Charles Gravytrain believes in Truth, Justice, and slapping the no good crook Jimmy Fish Eye’s in the slammer for life! And with the help of his foxy partner, big city cop Miss Uma Booma, he may do just that. But after the dynamic duo get framed and reeled in to star in avant-garde Filmmaker Hansel Suppledicks latest Snuff film things get real fishy, real fast. Will Chuck and Uma bust the case wide open or will Fish Eyes turn Gypsy Creek into a town permanently Gone Fishin?!” Fish Eyes on the movie Push.

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The Pineapple Express is the Reverse Tree of Life by Robert Fludd.

Check out the Box Within The Box by Tears for Fears starting at 2:15

True Blood Season 3 Episode 3.

Bion‘s Lament for Adonis also inspired Percy Bysse Shelley, the famous Romantic poet, whose poem Adonaïs may have influenced the writers of Star Trek when they called episode 31 ‘Who Mourns for Adonais‘”

Thank you Don’t Go West for clearing things up on the Gravy.

8.  ING Group

Lion, Ishtar Gate, Neo-Babylonian, 604-562 B.C.

9. Sinopec

SIN = Tentacle IN.

10. Toyota Motor

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.

FOMALHAUT (Alpha Piscis Austrini). This wonderful first magnitude star of northern-hemisphere autumn, usually pronounced “fo-ma-low,” slides slowly in lonely grandeur above the southern horizon (as seen from the north) during the months of October and November. From the southern hemisphere, it’s a glory, passing overhead at 30 degrees south latitude. Well to the south of the Great Square of Pegasus, Fomalhaut marks for us the otherwise dim constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish, not surprisingly also south of the more well-known zodiacal constellation Pisces, the Fishes. The Alpha star of the constellation, the name comes from an Arabic phrase meaning “the mouth of the southern fish.”

The constellation was known in ancient times, and is said to be the original “Pisces”. It is thought that the constellation referred to the Assyrian fish god Dagon and the Babylonian god Oannes.


It is thought that originally Piscis Austrinus was the only constellation representing a fish, Pisces becoming fish only later.

Ganymede was an exceptionally handsome, young prince of Troy. He was spotted by Zeus, who immediately decided that he would make a perfect cup-bearer. The story then differs – one version telling how Zeus sent his pet eagle, Aquila to carry Ganymede to Olympus, another that it was Zeus, himself, disguised as an eagle, who swept up the youth and carried him to the home of the gods. In either case, once Ganymede arrived, he had to contend with the wrath of Hera, wife of Zeus. She was annoyed on two counts – firstly, that her husband should have such strong feelings for a mere boy and, secondly, that Ganymede was to occupy the favoured position previously held by her own daughter Hebe, goddess of youth. But Zeus was not to be thwarted and Ganymede, often riding on Aquila and always carrying the golden cup, accompanied the great god on his travels, impressing him with his kindness. This was made manifest when, realising how in need of water the people on earth were, he pleaded with Zeus to be allowed to help them and was given permission to send down rain. Eventually he was glorified as Aquarius, god of rain, and placed amongst the stars.

For the etymology of his name, Robert Graves’ The Greek Myths offers ganyesthai + medea, “rejoicing in virility”. The word “catamite” (boy kept by a pederast) is derived from Ganymede. H/Roles Reversal and his Bald Eagle Aquila.

A tale which follows the adventures of a wild and rambunctious mustang stallion. Encountering man for the first time, Spirit defies being broken, even as he develops a remarkable friendship with a young Lakota brave named Little Creek Greek. The young stallion also finds love with a beautiful paint mare named Rain on his way to becoming one of the greatest unsung heroes of the Old West.

Three times Vescica = 


The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon.

The Maiden

The Sombrero Galaxy (also known as M 104 or NGC 4594 ) is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo.

Virgo the Maiden is the sixth Sign of the Zodiac

The Mother

Aphrodite is known as the Greek Goddess (Roman Venus) of love, desire, beauty, fertility, the sea, and vegetation. It is said that when Cronus was castrated by Uranus, and his part was thrown into the sea, Aphrodite was thus born and arose on a large shell, which was then carried to land, thus her name being translated “foam-risen”. The sea nymphs dressed her and adorned her with flowers and gold. She now represents Erotic Love as a form of Divine influence, which has resulted in many men becoming capable of falling in love with her. There are many other tales of Aphrodite, as her Roman name is Venus, she is also known as the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

Aphrodite was awarded the apple of discord by Paris, leading to the Trojan War. Probably of Eastern origin, she was similar in attributes to the goddesses Astarte and Ishtar. The Romans identified her with Venus.

The Crone Hekate

Governing Saturn in  Capricorn, this form of the Triple Goddess is the Crone, goddess of wisdom, trickery, and death.



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New Gravy Train Movie



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Here is a Movie Review Suggestion for Metro Bob, I think he will like it (I mean the 2010 version mostly).Best wishes,[gravy2.jpg]The Gravy Train

“The Dion Brothers” AKA The Gravy Train 1974

2010 remake.

Gypsy Creek’s # 1 cop, Charles Gravytrain believes in Truth, Justice, and slapping the no good crook Jimmy Fish Eye’s in the slammer for life! And with the help of his foxy partner, big city cop Miss Uma Booma, he may do just that. But after the dynamic duo get framed and reeled in to star in avant-garde Filmmaker Hansel Suppledicks latest Snuff film things get real fishy, real fast. Will Chuck and Uma bust the case wide open or will Fish Eyes turn Gypsy Creek into a town permanently Gone Fishin?!

Notice the Gravy Train Logo with cop Cars in the end.


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