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Watch Miley Cyrus’ Racy ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ video, which marks the ‘evolution’ of the New Miley on PoopEater.

The etymology of Cyrus has been and continues to be a topic of discussion amongst historians, linguists, and scholars of Iranology. The OP name “kuruš” has been interpreted in various forms from “the sun”, “like sun”, “young”, “hero” to “humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest” and the Elamite “kuraš” has been translated as one “who bestows care”.

Can’t Be Tamed Miley Cyrus

If there’s a question about my intentions
I’ll tell ya
I’m not here to sell ya
Or tell you to go to hell –  (she bends over)
I’m not a brat like that
I’m like a puzzle but
All my pieces are jagged
If you can understand this   – (Polar Bear)
We can make some magic   – (Peacock)
I’m wrong like that

I wanna fly I wanna drive I wanna go
I wanna be a part of somethin’ I don’t know
And if you try to hold me back I might explode
Baby by now you should know

Well I’m not a trick you play
I’m wired a different way
I’m not a mistake
I’m not a fake
It’s set in my DNA  (Goats on Screen)
Don’t change me
Don’t change me
Don’t change me
Don’t change me
(I can’t be tamed)

I wanna fly I wanna drive I wanna go
I wanna be a part of somethin’ I don’t know
And if you try to hold me back I might explode
Baby by now you should know
criticalthinking Pillars and a Yoni.

Moon Crescent as the Yoni, and Camel Toe / GML Toe with diamonds in the Sky.

Miley Cyrus slut picture

“The Yazidis consider Tawûsê Melek an emanation of God and a benevolent angel who has redeemed himself from his fall and has become a demiurge who created the cosmos from the Cosmic Egg.

In the Islamic scheme of things, he is called Iblis or Eblis (the Calumniator or the Liar), and is considered to be the Prince of Darkness, himself. Azazel, by whatever name he might be called, is also often characterized as a ‘Sovereign of the World’ – kabalistically being a reflection in the Kingdom of Malkuth, of God in Kether.”

The Peacock Angel in other Religions

The Yezidis maintain that Tawsi Melek is manifest in all religions, although not always in the form of a peacock. It is because of this that the various manifestations of Tawsi Melek are not grouped together as being his various masks. The following are just a few of the various manifestations of Tawsi Melek in religions worldwide:

*      Murugan/Skanda/Sanat Kumara of the Hindus
*      Al-Khadir, the “Green Man,” of the Moslems
*      King Melchizedek of the Jews
*      St. George of the Knights Templar
*      Enki of the Sumerians
*      Dionysus of the Greeks
*      Osiris of the Egyptians
*      Quetzlcoatl of the Mexicans
*      Masaw of the Hopi Indians
*      The Planetary Logos of Theosophy

Peacock : Vatican Peacock Statues The Vatican Pine and two peacocks.

Manipulation of the endocrine system

r1io9j.jpg MC Pee Pants image by xmagentachickx

“MC Pee Pants (voiced by Chris Ward, a.k.a. mc chris) is a demonspawn from Hell, who has come back to the Earth as a rap artist, initially in the form of an eight-foot-tall spider wearing a diaper and later as a cow, an earthworm, and an elderly man on life support. He usually tries to take over the Earth using his music, but with little success.” Mc Pee Pants image by kmoze

MC Pee Pants

An 11-year-old rapper whose prepubescent rhymes really connected with cartoon meatball Meatwad, member of the not-so-super superhero group, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. From the “MC P Pants” episode (05/19/02). Please note that the RAPPER is called “MC Pee Pants,” but the EPISODE TITLE is “MC P Pants.” Probably so TV Guide wouldn’t have to print the word “pee.” Anyway, the latest Pee Pants (MC Chris) single “I Want Candy” features such dynamite lyrics as “I’m her Hume Cronyn she’s my Jessica Tandy.” Later, we discover that MC Pee Pants is really a crazed eight-foot spider wearing a disposable diaper trying to get kids whacked out on candy so that he can use their elevated blood sugar to power a drill into Hell that will loose demons to run his world-wide diet pill empire. Fortunately, he’s one of the few villians the Aqua Teens actually vanquish. MC Pee Pants is voiced by MC Chris, who also wrote the songs and who works on Adult Swim’s sister show, Sealab 2021, where he played, uh, MC Chris. In a couple of later episodes, it tunrs out MC Pee Pants gets reincarnated.

121674_the-karate-kid-premiere-los-angeles-june-7-2010 Thousand Years of Tradition is About to get a kick in the Pants” The Sun

Firefly :

Inara Serra was played by Morena Baccarin. Born in the late 25th century on Sihnon, Inara is a Companion, a high-society courtesan licensed by the Union of Allied Planets (the “Alliance”). In Alliance society, Companions are part of the social elite, often accompanying the wealthy and powerful. There is considerable ritual and ceremony surrounding their services, which appear to extend beyond sex to nurturing psychological and emotional well-being. Actress Rebecca Gayheart was initially hired to play the part of Inara but was fired after only one day of filming. Joss Whedon said that there was a lack of chemistry between her and the rest of the cast. Morena Baccarin filmed her first scene the very day she was accepted for the role.

In February 2005, Baccarin provided the voice for Black Canary in multiple episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

Following the retroactive continuity change in 1983, Black Canary became two distinct characters, mother and daughter, named Dinah Drake Lance and Dinah Laurel Lance. Dinah Lance would become the current Black Canary. Some references, notably those in James Robinson’s Starman series, would attempt to distinguish the two Canaries further by referring to the first as ‘Diana’, but more recent accounts have confirmed ‘Dinah’ as the elder Canary’s given name.

The rape of the Sabine Women and Dinah, by the Great Phallic Religion.

Black Canary first appeared in Flash Comics #86 in 1947, as a supporting character in the Johnny Thunder feature of the Flash Comics anthology. Initially, she seemed to be a villain; Johnny Thunder was instantly infatuated with her and was reproached for this by his Thunderbolt.  However, she was in fact infiltrating a criminal gang, a modus operandi she would follow throughout her career.

John L. Thunder is the seventh son of a seventh son, born at 7 a.m. on Saturday, July 7, the seventh day of the week, the seventh day of the seventh month in 1917.

“Seventh sons have strong “knacks” (specific magical abilities), and seventh sons of seventh sons are both extraordinarily rare and powerful. In fact, young Alvin appears to be the only one in the world. His abilities make him the target of The Unmaker, who recognizes Alvin’s powers as those of a Maker—only the second ever, and it had been a long time since the first had walked on water and turned water to wine. The Unmaker works largely through water, trying to kill Alvin in his early years, before he can master his abilities.”

Stargate SG-1:

In April 2006, it was announced that Morena would be playing the adult version of Adria, a recurring villain in the tenth season of Stargate SG-1. She first appeared in season 10 episode “Counterstrike” as adult Adria (the younger versions of Adria were previously played by other actresses). Morena reprised her role as Adria in the movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

When Vala, who has joined the SG-1 team, meets adult Adria in “Counterstrike”, Adria foreshadows her plans with Daniel. In “The Quest”, Adria tricks SG-1 into obtaining the Sangraal for her.

When asked in an interview “if she’s up for the role of Wonder Woman, ” Baccarin replied: “I’m not going to say no to a superhero but it’s not up to me.”


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