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Posted in Bollywood by Mystery, Babalon on February 11, 2011 “He helped to make a star of his nephew, Nicolas Cage.”

“Jor-El is shown wearing the Superman “S”-shield symbol as the family crest of the House of El, resembling an Earth “S” by coincidence.

The name “Superman” is later coined by Lois Lane due to the resemblance.” Sign of Ophiuchus

St. John Ass. Jonah Serpent of Wisdom. Big Faustus Sunday. Uranus, Notice the Inverted Seven. Faustus of Seth Staff of Thoth, Imhotep, Asklepios, Moses, Hermes etc …. Ram-Bow



Shemihaza is Blue.

Azazel is Red.

The Sun and The Moon. Concealing the Knowledge.

“In Northwest Semitic the typical belief and thought for El is that he controls the Moon and the Sun. In the myth, while he controls them they often fight for a place as his favorite. The results, day, night, day, night, are often explained as following. When it is day, the Sun has beaten the Moon. When it is night, the Moon has beaten the sun. When this myth formed it was not known that one part of the planet was in night and one in day. They said that no heavenly body won twice in a row, except on the days of the eclipse


Shin / Fire

Splice Trailer 2 The Devil’s Back Bone.

“What Is a Ghost ?  A Tragedy Condemned to repeat itself time and time again ?”

“All old cultures speak about Kundalini; this is the end of the Kundartiguador organ.

Sivananda (Swami 1887-1963) called it “Divine Mother The Igneous Serpent of the Magic Powers”. Kundalini is the wake up of the magic powers. The meaning comes from Atlantis; kunda is Kundartiguador, and lini is the end. This is the end of the Kundartiguador organ.

Kundalini is the serpentine binary myth. The old Aztecs named it “Xihcoatls”. The serpent has double polarity. This can be seen in the Sun Stone, or Aztec Calendar; serpents that open the mouth and from one of them a blond head can be seen; Tonatiu. Between the old Hebrew it was the Tempting Serpent, and the Healing Serpent. Between the old Greek also existed that binary. Python was the serpent of the swamps; Apollo killed it with this darts. The serpent of Aesculapius is the twisted in the medic emblem.

Always was and always will be Kundartiguador against Kundalini, and Kundalini against Kundartiguador. For a better description of this antagonism we have the legend of Krishna . Krishna a solar hero at the age of 15 years old asked to the patriarch Nanda he felt bad not to know about his mother. Nanda said his mother left her home land. Sad, Krishna went to Mont Neu and one day wandering found and old man. They saw each other for a long moment. The old man did not immutable and asked him “where I can find my mother”. The answer was “your mother is with that one that never changes kill the bull and step on the serpent”. The old man got transparent and vanished (Internal God). Krishna left the Mont Neu and told his friends “let’s go and kill bulls and step on serpents”.”

“The banishment of Kaliya from the lake of the Yamuna has a most important spiritual significance.”

Mithra, the Felon in the Hat. Binah Get’s Raped

Jeremiah 50:12

Your mother will be greatly ashamed,
She who gave you birth will be humiliated.
Behold, she will be the least of the nations,
A wilderness, a parched land and a desert.

Last Tango In Paris (1973)

“Synchronised squirmers: Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider –  Schneider means “One who made outer garments”

In which a self-loathing, grieving man wastes a perfectly good slop of butter to investigate the rear plumbing of a depressingly compliant woman in France. Banal anal.” Paris in the TROJAN war. Pernilla August and Christian Bale

Bale’s silver-screen debut was in Spielberg’s “Empire of the Sun” at age 13. Pernilla August and Annunaki Skywalker. Samwell


W’s Well

Samwell – YouTube Hero
Confirmed for show eight – 1st April 10:30pm on BBC Three

“Our YouTube hero for the final show is the unique Samwell, whose ‘epic anthem’ What What (In the Butt) has propelled the Chicago unknown to internet fame. His video, added to YouTube only a year ago, has had a phenomenal 8 million hits, and Samwell has found himself in high demand ever since. We think there’s a bit of a hidden message in his song somewhere, but just can’t work out what it is… See if you can.”

In the April 2, 2008 episode of South Park, “Canada on Strike”, the boys post a viral video on “YouToob” Butters and Asslan.

South Park – Imagination Land The Magus, Alternate Version Thoth Deck.

The mood is infinite and illimitable, but not uniform and unique. On “From The Stairwell”, TKDE deliver eight new incarnations of the mood. Stairwells have always been intriguing. They appear to unavoidably lead you to your destination, but they only disclose the path bit by bit. What lies far ahead of you and far beyond you is hidden in the shadows. The stairwell could just as well be infinite. You climb up this murky stairwell, passing by many doors.

Every door contains a variation of the mood, a short film, a song.

Fourth room. “Cocaine”. Naked people with pig heads crawl on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling. They try to hopelessly suck up the white dust which covers every single piece of this room and is constantly spit out by tubes coming out of the walls. Dissonant sounds accompany the work of this desperate hive. As the people manage to counteract the tubes, fragile melodies start to overpower the dissonances.

The journey up the stairwell, down the stairwell, continues. The pictures fill your head and make you forget where you wanted to go in the first place.

“This is also the rendering suggested in the Targum Onqelos, Symmachus and the Samaritan Targum which read “sons of the rulers”, where Targum Neophyti reads “sons of the judges”.

The Judge is Scorpio, The Eagle / Phoenix.

Scorpion Tail, Eagle Tallon

Division with King David Divide Credo Mutwa

Boaz is Binah, Negative / Feminine Pole

Jachin is Chockmah, Positive / Masculine Pole

“The dreaded pirate is played by Robert De Niro. But here is the twist….the ruthless pirate isn’t so ruthless, he’s actually a lispy, mincing cross-dressing homosexual.”

Reverse Polarity.

Starting at  6 Minutes, the Riddler show us exactly what’s going on :

Edward Nygma: [pops out with a high-tech contraption] I have it! Voila! Huh? My invention beams any TV signal directly into the human brain. By stimulating the neurons, manipulating brainwaves if you will, this device makes the viewer feel like they’re actually inside the show! Why be brutalized by an uncaring world?
Bruce Wayne: Did you say manipulating brainwaves?
Edward Nygma: Well… uh… yes.

“He ultimately discovers that his device increases his own intelligence, and allows him access to simulated telepathic powers. He perfects his brain-manipulation device into a system which beams signals to and from the human brain in order to simulate an immersive television viewing experience.” Choronzon 333

chorozonplay 333.



“Monstropolis is not part of the human world, but it can be connected to children’s bedrooms through their closet doors. When a door is properly activated, it becomes a portal between the monster world and the human world. The city’s power supply is provided by Monsters, Inc., a utility company that employs monsters to scare children and extract energy from their screams.”

“The Judas Chalice is the sacrilegious vampire version of the Holy Grail” Gozo the Clown.

“A popular nickname of Gozo is the Isle of Calypso, derived from the location of Ogygia in Greek mythological poem Homer’s Odyssey. In the myth, the island was controlled by nymph Calypso who detained the hero of the story Odysseus there as prisoner of love for seven years; Gozo is thought to be modern day Ogygia.”

The island is part of the country of Malta.

“Fra’ Andrew had received Cardinal Ratzinger at the Magistral Palace, and upon the latter’s elevation to the Papacy it was Benedict XVI’s turn to receive the Grand Master, traditionally every June 24, the Feast of St. John.”

“The etymology of Calypso’s name is from καλύπτω (kalyptō), meaning “to cover”, “to conceal”, “to hide”. It is the opposite of apocalypse, meaning to reveal, which suggests that Calypso may have originally been a death goddess. According to Etymologicum Magnum her name means καλύπτουσα το διανοούμενον, i.e. “concealing the knowledge.”

The influence of colour on CRT reading performance and subjective comfort under operational conditions:

“Colours from the extremes of the spectrum (red, blue) were shown to produce poorer reading performance, higher ratings of discomfort and a higher incidence of reported symptoms of discomfort.”” A combination of red and blue creates a vibrating effect that can also make reading very difficult.”

Choronzon – New World Chaos“DMT indeed started the whole thing for me”

Foamin’ Sodomy Records

Music By – Demitria Monde Thraam

“I am honored to present rune logix readers to Demitria Monde Thraam, Monde for short.  Monde reveals her unique relationship with the force known as Choronzon, who Aleister Crowley humbly referred to as the “mighty devil that inhabiteth the outermost Abyss.”

readers versed with Crowleys writings would know Choronzon to be the most powerful force to contend with before one is able to attain Mastery of Self in thelemic influenced occult traditions.

heretically, DMT presents a different picture. she knows Choronzon as a force not to be challenged, insulted, or defeated, but loved, and even, embraced.  the Choronzon, 333 current, is a force of dispersion and disruption, of lies, and truths, to large to hold back.”

Az – Kaban Prison; “Kaban, a Khazar ruler”

Ass – Czar / Ass-ruler  Prison ?

93 is a Villager who dreams of a life in London. He has a family in The Village, and is friends with 554, a waitress at The Solar Café.

93 is obsessed with escaping The Village. Fueled by his dreams of a past life – which he memorializes with a sketch of Big Ben stuffed in an empty wine bottle in his apartment – 93 argues that the Villagers are prisoners, and that there is another world outside The Village. Though most discount his claims as the ravings of a drunk, his friend 554 isn’t as quick to dismiss him.

Neither is Six who meets 93 in the desert when the latter is running from armed pursuers. Carried to a cave by Six, 93 instructs Six to “tell them all I got out.” Learning that Six is a newcomer, 93 exclaims, “You are a bloody miracle!” 93 dies soon after, breathing his last words, “Be seeing you.”

This poster reminds me of this Awful Video :

MIKA – We Are Golden

“You’ll need much more than a good voice and luck to break into broadcasting.”

“Our main suggestion is just that, whatever the tactical details, there would seem to be ample reason for government efforts to introduce some cognitive diversity into the groups that generate conspiracy theories. Social cascades are sometimes quite fragile, precisely because they are based on small slivers of information. Once corrective information is introduced, large numbers of people can be shifted to different views. If government is able to have credibility, or to act through credible agents, it might well be successful in dislodging beliefs that are held only because no one contradicts them. Likewise, polarization tends to decrease when divergent views are voiced within the group. Introducing a measure of cognitive diversity can break up the epistemological networks and clusters that supply  conspiracy theories.”

“the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”

– Cass Sunstein

Salvia Hits Brooklin!

From Iconoclast Radio with Gordo Remora:

1st time smoking salvia

“Take the advice of the two kids in the video, and become part of the results movement.

Talk-You Rose.

Editors – Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

NEXT up on Gomorrah: My Five Senses By Brain Candy!

Stop Neuromarketing : Sandman


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