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“Chinese wū (“shaman; witch, wizard; magician”, Old Chinese *myag) was a loanword from Old Persian *maguš “magician; magi”. (Mair, Victor H. (1990), “Old Sinitic *Myag, Old Persian Maguš and English Magician”, Early China 15: 27–47.” Temple of Gozer

REBIS Tomb of Tuthmosis III

“The menace of Gozer did not end with the passing of the Hyksos”

“An obscure deity, Gozer the Destructor’s earliest known appearance was in Mesopotamia around 6000 BC and was worshiped by both the Hittites and Mesopotamians. It rose to prominence in Sumeria thousands of years later. During that time, various cults arose to worship it and in a short time, developed their own hierarchy and system of ritual magic. By the 4th millennium B.C. the Gozer Worshipers, or “Gozerians” consisted of a large Sumerian sub-culture and was engaged in a long, protracted war with the followers of Tiamat.

Gozer and Lady Gaga celebrating the “hipster girls in mustaches”  trend.


Gwen Stefani : Wind it Up

winditup of Samos –  580 – 490 BC

Archimedes and Eureka is a fake story for the masses, they all know about Pythagoras.

47th problem of Euclid : In any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the two sides is equal to the square of the hypotenuse.

NumenLumen the Arch Law of Pythagoras Sign of the Magi

The Conspiracy of the Magi
The Magi seize the throne of the Persian empire at Susa by passing off one of their number as Smerdis, the brother of Cambyses. The real Smerdis has been executed on Cambyses’ orders (61). At Ecbatana in Syria, Cambyses hears a proclamation in the name of King Smerdis. He questions his henchman Prexaspes, who assures him that he, Prexaspes, buried Smerdis with his own hands (62). They interrogate the herald and discover the true identity of the pretenders (63). Cambyses tries to ride for Susa, but accidentally jumps on his sword and gravely wounds himself. Thus a dream and a prophecy both come true for Cambyses: the dream that Smerdis would be King (which is what persuaded Cambyses to kill his brother in the first place) and the prophecy that he himself would die at Ecbatana (64). With his dying breath, Cambyses appeals to the noble Persians not to let the Persian empire fall into the hands of the Medes (65). But the nobles do not believe that the Smerdis who is now King is not the same man as the brother of Cambyses (66). So Smerdis the Magian rules for seven months and wins support by granting tax breaks and freedom from military service to the subject nations (67). Finally Otanes, a noble Persian, begins to suspect Smerdis. Otanes’ daughter is one of Smerdis’ wives; Otanes uses her access to Smerdis in bed to determine that Smerdis has no ears, which proves he is Smerdis the Magian and not Smerdis the son of Cyrus (68-69). A junta of seven nobles plans to overthrow the Magi (70). Darius and Otanes debate whether to strike at once, which Darius favors, or to wait, which seems better to Otanes. Darius carries the day. (71-73) Brief digression: the last days of Prexaspes. The Magi hire him to address the populace from the palace walls, and to reassure them that Smerdis the son of Cyrus is indeed King. Prexaspes agrees, but when he gets up on the walls, instead of propagandizing for the Magi he tells the people the truth. Then he commits suicide by toppling headlong from the walls (74-75). The junta approaches the palace and is encouraged by a bird sign (76). They walk right past the guards; when the eunuchs try to stop them, they kill them (77). They proceed into the inner chamber and kill both of the Magi. They then run back into the streets, killing every Magian they meet and announcing the news; soon all the Persians are busily killing Magi, and the holiday called the “Slaughter of the Magi” commemorates the event (78-79).

– Herodotus, “Father of History”

The Histories, Book Three (61-97)

“But someone may ask, ’How are the dead raised? With what kind of body will they come?’ How foolish! What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. When you sow, you do not plant the body that will be, but just a seed, perhaps of wheat or of something else” (1 Corinthians 15:35-37).

“What we will be has not yet been made known” 1 John 3:2.

“So they will be called oaks of righteousness…” Isaiah 61.3 = Death and Resurrection

Entrance to the German Historical Museum in Berlin

The Pythagorean theorem was known to the Babylonians more than  1000 years before Pythagoras.

Plimpton 322 1900-1600 BC


Alliance_Group_Logo Sephira 10 / 11  Sephira

Infiniti-Logo-2 China National Space Agency Trek ThyssenKrupp


lexus_logo’s Creed Le triangle secret

Saint Louis Bible St. Louis Bible Pythagoras

Wheel of the Year

Bhagavad – Gita 7 : 4

“Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego—all together these eight constitute My separated material energies.” Shamash – Weaving Spider

pag 6

“Por lo expuesto podemos ver, que, con la sola excepción de Neptuno, los
resultados representan muy aproximadamente las distancias relativas al Sol, de
los siete planetas y de los Asteroides pertenecientes a nuestro sistema solar, pero
fracasa terminantemente cuando se la aplica a Neptuno, que es encarnación de
un gran espíritu de las Jerarquías Creadoras, quien como un mensajero celestial,
nos viene a visitar y el cual nos influencia normalmente desde el Zodíaco. Este
genio planetario
trabaja particularmente con aquellos que se están preparando
para la iniciación, y parcialmente, con aquellos que de un modo o de otro estudian
Astrología y la aplican y ponen en práctica en su vida diaria, con el deseo de servir
a los demás, pues de este modo, ellos se preparan para el camino de la iniciación.”

According to Ptolemy, heavenly bodies were part of spherical shells of aether. These spherical shells fit tightly around each other, without any spaces between them, in the following order: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, fixed stars. Each spherical shell (hereafter, simply, sphere) had its particular rotation, that accounted for the motion of the heavenly body contained in it. Outside the sphere of the fixed stars, there was the prime mover (himself unmoved), who imparted motion from the outside inward. All motions in the cosmos came ultimately from this prime mover. in the Middle Bul On Neptune

Neptune and Lion in Piazza Della Signori – Florence –  Several – allegorical messages can be gleaned from Neptune’s appearance in Leo would become the kingly Lion of Judah.


John Couch Adams
“(Britain, 1819-92) studied the Leonid meteor shower and predicted the existence of Neptune, which was discovered in 1846.”

“As a creative spirit, Ialdabaoth generates six sons (the lower terrestrial angels or stellar spirits) without assistance of any female, and when these sons strive with him he creates Ophiomorphos, the serpent-shaped spirit of all that is basest in matter. When Ialdabaoth proclaims that he is Father and God, and that none is above him, Sophia tells him that the first and second Anthropos (heavenly man) are above him.” at lunch.



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